‘I have been half in love with easeful death’-John Keats.

 Well, Keats may have been, but we are not

 -not all of the time anyway!

 Let us explain. The theory is that in Autumn, as herbaceous perennials die back to tones of biscuit, honey and burnt sienna, your borders take on a kind of halcyon glow. We get lots of talk in books and magazines of ‘graceful death’ and even worse, ‘The Graceful Dead.’ We then (again in theory) go on to preserve this display intact throughout the winter, so that we can enjoy their silvery appearance during a few frosts and the birds can enjoy the herbaceous border seeds all winter.

 Wonder which of us gets most out of that one!

 The truth is that in a damp and dismal autumn, and god knows we have had that one, its all a bit of a rotting mess. If a few more gales come and blow it all apart, a little bit of intensive hair care is needed.

See the blog below:

 ‘How to Avoid the Chopping ‘Block’-when to cut back herbaceous perennials.’

 for the ‘ultimate frizz-ease serum.’

Eat your heart out John Freida!

 Lesley and Robert