We have not been very planty in our posts recently. And this shall be recitifed immediately with:




Visiting a client’s wet and windy garden last week, this golden glow gave a wonderful splash of colour. Well, not this glow exactly, since it was too soaking with arrow-like, near horizontal rain for us to even think of getting the camera out! So this photo is borrowed from you know who!

For all the world like a yellow crocus but flowering in the autumn, this Sternbergia , is not often seen. In fact so rarely seen that all we could remember was the species name lutea.

A quick trawl through a colour and time orientated plant book tracked it down.

If you give it full sun, well drained soil and some shelter this is not difficult to grow and bulk up into large cheering drifts.

And who couldn’t have done with those this last week in the uk?

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