Nota Bene – The Garden Diary

Lost the plot completely on the ideas you had for next summer’s containers? Tired of those odd scraps of paper with semi- legible notes about growing opuntias?

All is well!

This is the time of year when we are given diaries-often too many! Select one with a reasonable amount of space per day and a tough feel about it. Make it your garden diary.

Tough because it travels between your desk and your garden. It could travel as far as Chelsea, other gardens and even your holiday destination if you chose.

This becomes the space where you note:

  • Idle thoughts, bright ideas, grand ambitions, and  hopefully (!!) actual plans.
  •  Plant combinations seen on garden visits, nursery recommendations, websites.
  •  Gardening dates to watch out for.
  •  Reminders to do, like ordering your chelsea tickets early for members’ days so you don’t have to mill with the scruffs at the end!
  •  Dates when you have done major tasks like the last cut to your box balls. That way you begin to see what works really well for you and your garden.

The blank pages at the end could be the perfect place for those life changing bits of info:

  • Rachel de Thames’s favourite peonies gleaned from the Sunday papers
  • When Ursula Buchan says you should scarify your lawn
  • Your realization that you fancy Joe Swift-no we won’t even go there!

I guess someone will say use a Bilberry or Whinberry or some such gizmo for all this. No. I am adamant. This is a travelled, thumbed book of some kind, a little stained by water and soil. It has sat in the sun and been ruffled by the wind.

I guess that makes me some kind of luddite!


Ps Pencils write best when it comes to wet paper!