Despite the economy it has been a good year for us.

But while we consider ourselves lucky to have been kept busy, it also indicates that our business strategy is sound.

Our letter published in the January edition of the Journal of the Society of Garden Designers indicates very clearly that the service we offer should not be deemed a luxury but the essential ‘feel good’ factor and a safe investment.

It was good to finish 2009 on Friday with two of our designs being shown to corporate clients. One was described as ‘absolutely gorgeous’ and the other as ‘inspirational’. We will be in a position to post up those sketches early in the New Year. They will then be worked up into full scale plans with appropriate planting. 

We have two new large designs to start work on in the New Year and various other projects at less advanced stages. We have made huge strides with both our blog and twitter. We are shortly also to undertake an intriguing literary adventure-but more on all this in due course.

For now, I am officially demob happy! Looking at the date on my stored photos I see that I last had a holiday in December 2007.

But Lesley will be ‘taking care of business’ so all is not lost! 

Interrupt her festivities at any point should you feel it appropriate!

Happy Christmas and New Year to everyone!