Of course we are upbeat and positive about the year ahead, but new staff? The orange water bowl on the floor is the teeniest give away!

In the narrow gap BEHIND the chest in the bathroom are two of the fluffiest, most extremely scared cats you are ever likely to encounter. I only know they’re there because the food diasppears in my absence and the trays are used likewise. But this will all change.

It’s been a tough year cat wise. Beloved India, a rescue cat who had been with me for five years, headed skywards in July. But I am a great believer in getting back on the bike quickly and so in August Mr. Thomas, also a rescue cat,  arrived. He was very happy until early December when he quickly declined due to an inoperable tumour. It’s hard to start over so soon, but the rescue places are stuffed to overflowing since pets are recession victims. So here I am cycling away like mad again!

I don’t really go for fluff in cats, but one of these had been there for 6 months, which is too long for any animal to be in rescue quarters. Their timidity is the great downfall for these two because they don’t show off well to potential ‘owners’. But since they do get on together they seemed like a good bet for me and vice versa.

Although apparently unrelated and 1 and 3 respectively, they are very difficult to tell apart. Both have ruffles, tresses, fountains and crests of black fur. So elaborate is their adornment that they even have little puffs of fur between their claws!

Someone obviously thought these were the original good time girls because their names are Bet and Lola! I hope they have good times with me.

I would provide photos, but just peering across the top of the chest completely freaks them, so flash is a no-no. I will photo them once they are more sociable, but only once I promise, since other people’s pets are the biggest yawn.

As to their working role…. well when they are calmer, and that will happen quite quickly,  they will help me stay calm in those late night drawing sessions when we are a bit too close to the wire!