I had done very well with all the most tempting treasures. However, these last, lusty monsters were a bit too much for most people to cope with. But I have found a taker for 5 Tiger Grasses-at least that is what I always call Miscanthus sinensis ‘Zebrinus’.

Zebra Grass, as a common name, I do not get – it is hotter than black and white! I love it for its lush, yellow- banded summer beauty, its coppery – red, lop sided plumes of flower which fade to silver and waft, light-catching  in winter breezes. By this time, its linear foliage is also engagingly curly and biscuit coloured. It’s a tiger not a zebra!

So if its such a catch why is it on its way? Well, it’s time for a makeover, a new year and a new approach in the courtyard garden of my city crash pad as beloved Kirsty Allsop would call it. Any redesign takes time, time first to think, prepare and then to do. So the time to start is now! And then when the weather hots up(!!) I will be out there enjoying it.

I have done the thinking. And I am thinking less lush jungle more Mediterranean playboy – all sun bleached, silvery and paired down. For a former plant fanatic this is all a big deal. So why is it happening at all? Truth to tell I was partly inspired by Anne Wareham’s brusque approach to her conservatory at The Veddw which she has re-interpreted in rock-chic style. See The Guardian Gardening Blog for Dec 15. The Lady’s ruthless!

I have also for some years followed the get rid practice on another basis, which I learnt from another good friend. This is more or less along the lines of ‘I’ve mastered that-I can grow that and its fab-but its time to learn something new.’ This friend happily waived me off with her treasures, trusting in my care and the learning experience I would enjoy, just exactly the same as I do now.

That’s a good feeling!

Gardeners are a generous bunch.