Fabulous Farrand – The Line of Beauty

Seeing a photo of a row of pleached trees around a grass square the other day I liked it well enough, but thought how fabulous-er it would be if there were two rows of trunks, which you could walk between, around the lawn, as though in a cloister.

I then thought that I would like it best if the lawn was a circle with a colonnade around it with no awkward corners to turn. The walk would be more smooth.

A thought entered my mind of something I had seen somewhere which was really as classy. The thought lingered as they do for an hour or so and gradually came to the surface as:


The Tree Ellipse at Dumbarton Oaks, USA as designed by Beatrix Farrand.

But I don’t much like the seat placed within the walk,  interrupting the flow



Now that is cool!


I don’t think you need the central fountain-in fact you should not have it !

The pool and a simpler feature is all that is needed.


But there was more to this because a little more research revealed:







I was just struck by the elegant line of it all!