Follies are a stock component of older landscape gardens and are sometimes even included in smaller gardens today. Usually they are on a smaller scale than this:


Now, I am always a sucker for a romantic ruin, but this is awesome! And at 50 meters high, this structure really deserves the word. The tiny figures in the foreground of the photos give you some sense of scale.


The base of a Burmese pagoda, it was built too large to actually be completed. The pagoda was to have been three times as high, but it took 1000 labourers and 30 years just to get this far and, by the time the King (Budawpaya) died  in 1819, they all concluded they just weren’t going to make it-literally! You can kind of hear the sigh of relief that the old fool had snuffed it and they could all down tools.


Maybe not one for the bottom of the garden, but fascinating for the interaction of man, nature and the earth. Love the lightening –  like cracks down through the structure. These  are apparently the result apparently of a massive 19th century earthquake. It is very gradually crumbling to dust.

Truly a testament to man’s folly! And perhaps a timely reminder of the relative importance of things -the garden design world can be a mite precious and navel examining sometimes!