I make a solemn promise.

These are the first and last photos of the new cats at the city studio. This is a serious garden design blog and will not get loaded down with personal detritus.

And there is a definite point to mentioning them!

From 2 weeks ago when they arrived and hid straight  away behind the chest in the bathroom to this:


Lola is computer queen – it is all done 1cm from the screen -input is mental!


Where did the cursor go?


Didn’t I do well?



These two spent six months in an animal rescue place, unhomeable because they were too timid to attract new ‘owners.’ I took them on trust, wanting to help.

They are already affectionate happy cats.

 My point is not that I am a knight in shining armour, though obviously I have been for them. It is more that recession is biting deep on pets and animal charities.

Please, if you can, help!

Point over.