Are they?

Well, not more than any other super smart design feature!


Except that they are a bit of an in-house joke, dating back to our training days. We both studied garden design under the great Christopher Pickard. We learnt about  rills via our studies of the persian courtyard gardens where they divided their garden into 4 quadrants by means of four rills running from a central fountain. The rills representing key liquids for the persians: water, wine, milk and honey. (Well I agree with the first two and especially the second but the last two I hate!) One of us became rather over enthusiastic about rills and used them in all sorts of ways in our student exercises and became known in the class  as ‘Four Rills ——-‘. I am not saying who it was!  

So rills always get noticed and tittered over!

But I was intrigued to see them used here  in a mexican hacienda in an internal corridor running from inside to outside.

I thought that this was a stylish idea for linking areas, leading the eye out into the garden and for giving some point and focus to long narrow areas such as you often get behind and between terraced houses.

A raised rill such as the one immediately above could, with wider sides, be used to perch on with a drink. It could be planted around, lit along its length, made of stone, metal, be sunk in the ground, suspended……. the possibilities are limitless.