No, neither of us is that old, though speaking purely for myself, some mornings it  feels  like it!

‘Our thoughts on Chelsea 2009’ which we shamelessly reprise next post down, has received 600 hits since we wrote it last year immediately after the show.

I don’t think we really expected it to be such a winner and still don’t really know why it is. But there you go! We were really just trying to apply some critical faculty to the show and work through what we felt about it for our design clients and blog followers.

That sounds like a bit of ‘therapist speak’ . But by sitting down and clinically assessing and recording your impressions you really do keep learning about what you like and also what you have gained from enduring the marathon that Chelsea has become. Its very popularity does make it hard going for the average punter. But we will be back there.

This year the line up for the all important show gardens includes Andy Sturgeon, Tom Stuart-Smith and Robert Myers.

Frankly for garden designers it would be worth going to the show for just one of those, but all three…. Our cup runneth over!

Lesley and Robert