It was a dark, doom laden day.  Anything could happen.  It was time to tackle ‘The Kiftsgate Rose’.

Like a lot of garden jobs this arose for a variety of reasons. There was bracken in the swathe of Symphoricarpus orbiculatus in front. The symphoricarpus  also got weighed down and broken by a heavy layer of snow recently. And I wanted to create more openness at the shrub level in that area, which I was beginning to find intimidatingly claustrophobic.

When I say tackle, I do just mean tidy around and clean the base  as far as I could reach, which in terms of the Kiftsgate is not very far. Because it goes up…..


and up…..

and up!

I mean I am not superhuman or anything. I figure it is 40 feet minimum and heading to 50.

I was also curious to see exactly what I would find inside. William Morris anyone?

“The fateful slumber floats and flows,

About the tangle of the Rose,

But lo the fated hand and heart,

To rend the slumbrous curse apart.”

That’s me I guess.

Anyone know Burne Jones’s The Briar Rose series of paintings?

If not presumably most people will be familiar with the fairy tale ‘Sleeping Beauty’?

No, I am suggestible, but not cretinously so! What really fascinated me was the idea of what the base structure of such a monster could be. And I wasn’t disappointed:

Did I say no sleeping beauty? I was wrong. I had expected a leaden, scaly dinosaur and instead found a kind of aerial, sculptural beauty! 

When you’ve got this going on with a plant, who needs sculpture? It proved me right in wanting to show it off.

As to the curse of the legend, it would have been good to have the armour below left:

I have scratches on my face and my hands are quite sore, even with gauntlet gloves!

But it will be doing this by June so who cares?