In the past, aside from posting our garden reviews on our own blog, we have made our garden reviews available, sometimes exclusively, to Thinking Gardens for their website.

In the future we plan to widen our network of readers and contacts within the great blogging community, by seeking to place them more generally. 

As an ernest of this we have offered our next garden review to: This is an interesting and vibrant blog and we are very pleased that Ryan has agreed to run the post. 

We made our first garden review visit of the year, accompanied by snowflakes, on Monday. The happy location was Painswick Rococo Garden in Gloucestershire.  


It was a memorable visit to a great garden, at a great time of the year-yes, you really do have to believe us on that one!  We are currently assimilating our views, (and photos!) and plan for the review to be available next week on the above site. 

We will highlight its publication on this blog, by a trailer and link for you to follow.  

In the meantime if any of you bloggers out there think you might like to offer a guest blog spot to two garden reviewers, whose aim is always to turn in an interesting, readable and even fun view on the gardens they visit (good points and bad points noted with equal favour!) then do please let us know. 

The corollary is that you get, as Ryan will, to guest spot on our blog too! There’s an honour for you!!!!!!!!! 

Lesley and Robert