Last year, in the summer, when we were majoring on streetside plantings, we showed you this planting in a residential zone in Southville in Bristol:




 As I recall we loved the combo, but said it felt constrained space wise.

Here it is now:


 We have seen a lot of things in our time, but Teucrium frutucans ‘Azureum’ topiarised? We’re not loving it!

Here it was last summer across the way:


Here it is now:

Oops! If you have to do this to it, to keep it in the space………

Elsewhere in this area:

 The little shrub, we assume not planted by the council,   is Eriobotrya japonica, the Japanese Loquat, which grows to 3m by 3m and has leaves at least 30cm long! Does it really look like there’s enough space for that chaps? Sorry about the litter and the dog poo – the inevitable fate of public plantings. As are:

Ouch! Presumably somone found these Calamagrostis grasses as much of a visibility hazard as we did and took their revenge. This is quite a busy narrow one way section of street where cars compete for right of way and kids cross going from the school to the church hall. Wrong plant, wrong place again!

‘Splendour in the Grass’?  No, not exactly. Not really the sort of place to find Natalie Wood smouldering!

She might however have gone for  the Christmas Box across the way:


Sarcococca digyna by the looks of it. The dense and hedonistic scent of this evergreen, at this time of year, the white flowers and the glistening leaves really enlivened this border. But why oh why was this shade lover planted in such small quantities, in the sun and the sun loving grasses in the shade.

The whole idea of this residential zone and associated planting is great, but the plant choices need more thought.

Robert and Lesley