No references to spicy parsnip soup, hearty stews or even mulled wine here!

We have had a few days of mild weather and just as we are getting used to it the weather forecasters are threatening a week of cold weather AGAIN.

As the msn news service headline says ‘Britain braces itself for fresh, snowy blast’  we have three encouraging thoughts for you if you are worried about what all this bad weather is doing to your garden.

Thought One:


These are Agapanthus africanus. Yes, it looks like a disaster zone, but its not.  They looked like this at the end of last winter too (our worst here for eighteen years)and as you can see from the flower spikes (which I have not found time to cut off) despite all that, they flowered their socks off.

Last spring I was really worried because they were relatively recently established, having been planted the previous year. Now I am confident that having survived that winter they will survive this.

So the message is experience which you gain, but also hope which you can always have if you put your mind to it!

Thought Two:

My Pineapple Lilies:


Are snug beneath this:

Its not exactly an elegant Joseph Paxton construction, but it is only for the coldest wetest three months of the year and I am not there looking at it every five minutes!

The slope faces southwest, catches lots of sun and is protected to the north and the east – ideal for tender plants. These are frame lights, resting on half breeze blocks. This and the slope ensures that the rain and frost are shed from the eucomis bulbs, which in particular do not relish winter wet.

Each time I pass I think how snug and dry they are rather than how ugly the frames look!

So I am alright jack! Well, it just shows that winter protection can be quite quick and also quite impromptu. I also grow some in pots which I simply lay on their sides with the faces away from the prevailing rain source. 

And however smug I am now, you can be next year!

Thought Three:

If all else fails you can always troll down to the garden centre and buy some new. Shopping is fun. Change your look and help support the ailing nursery trade!

It is only plants that have died.

There’s proportion in all things!