We came across this project the other day on the Urban Gardens website  and thought it was wonderful:

Is it a garden inside?

A house outside?

A garden upstairs or downstairs?

The whole thing is so completely integrated that you buy the dream immediately.

Click here:     Seeing the Forest Through the Living Room.

And then you start to think:

Of course it wouldn’t work in little old UK!

Moving around the kitchen looks like it could be a bit of a hassle!

And what happens when the plants get pesty?

And what about when the tree trunks get too big for the holes?

But what the heck, the dream’s still there!

Lesley is on the phone to what is laughably called Bristol International Airport.

Book those tickets girl!

If you hear there has been an urban heist for a whole house/garden thingy in Singapore, you know which garden designers are to blame!