The Garden Review season for 2010 is already underway. A couple of weeks ago we visited Paiswick Rococo Garden. We placed our review on Ryan’s Garden:  . Click on this link and check out ‘All articles’  for February, to read this if you haven’t.

We are very grateful to Ryan for offering us a ‘guest blog spot’ and if anyone out there in ‘blog land’ would offer us the same opportunity we would be happy discuss it with them.

You might ask why we would want to place work off this website. The simple answer is that it carries out into the ‘blogosphere’, to the readers of other blogs, the message about the need to review or at least discuss gardens. Gardens can be an art form-perhaps Britain’s most exceptional art form. And just as exhibtions, films and books are discussed so should gardens be too!

We visit gardens for our own professional research. Applying some critical faculty to what you see – ‘I like it because….’ rather than just ‘I like it’ – means that you learn how the landscape works, what you like and how you might apply it elsewhere.

But it is applicable to everyone since many people will have their own gardens, which they can develop. It also deepens your own pleasure in seeing. When I first hit Shakespeare at the age of 11, and Chaucer in old english at the age of 13, I found it completely indigestable!  Reading the text, with some help at first (!!), I learnt to love, rather than instantly ‘took to’. But those texts are even now the ones I instantly think of with pleasure.

Our thoughts may, we hope, give readers some idea about visiting the garden or not, what they might find, and something to react to. But at the end of the day these are our views, not necessarily yours. You may well disgree with us, in which case we have provided a springboard for further pondering on your part!

Our reviews have provoked a variety of reactions. I think it is fair to say that many have found them helpful and readable. However, some evidently consider any form of negative criticism unfair and others want to see a ‘hatchet job’ ! 

It seems as well to say that when we approach gardens we don’t have a agenda. That would be unfair. We approach each garden with a view to learning how it works and simply saying what we think, fair or foul.

On Monday we are going to London and hope to catch up on some city gardens.

In the meantime tomorrow we will post up a review of The Italian Gardens at Trentham, which were remodelled by Tom Stuart Smith. This review was first shown on the Thinking Gardens website last year. But in reprising it we are also adding a substantial number of new photos which will illustrate many of the points in the review and help to give you a feel of what it is like to be in the garden.

Have great week ends!


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