‘Dame Nature’ is alive and well!

Not only is spring springing forward, but so too, in their nature studies, are the children of  Churchill Primary School in North Somerset. A little while ago I made a kind of ‘old man’ statement. I said, while discussing hazel coppicing, that I didn’t suppose schools had nature tables any more. I guess I was expressing a kind of weary cynicism and despair about the world and its direction!


But I was wrong! Mrs Val Tighe-one of our valued regular readers-shows us that the cause of nature is flourishing in the school where she is Head Teacher.

Here, childrens’  hands reach up to touch the catkins which are one of the first signs of Spring:

 Below, the nature table is a mite more chic than ours ever was! I seem to remember a table packed with grubby jam jars, their contents in varying stages of rather smelly decomposition. This is like a boutique shop, where less is more. Attention is as focussed as that magnifying glass:

 The nature study in this school is an interactive process. Questions posed and answers sought:

This daffodil and leek feature highlights both botany and the cultural and emblematic role plants have in our society:

And the nature study also has a practical element to it. The school has a flourishing garden and the students play an active role in it. Here they are looking after relatively newly planted trees. Each group of children has such an area of responsibility:

Val Tighe, thanks so much for these photos. I am reassured and heartened!