‘Tis the season to begin to think about slugs and snails. And whatever you are going to decide to do about this knotty little issue!

Early border work has revealed that slugs and snails are already at their great and evil mission in life to wreck the coming glory of our borders.

We always think that the early shoots of perennials are especially vulnerable. We guess it must be like waking up after a sleep of Rip van Winkle proportions to discover that a gargantuan feast is laid out on our pillow. Personally our first thought is coffee but it seems slugs and snails think differently.

Now, we do not need to know the various and arcane methods you use to deal with these beasties. It is certainly not our mission to be proscriptive, but our thoughts of coffee may not be wide of the mark. It is always wise to work with the environment and one of our neighbours swears to the benefits of used coffee grounds.

Does one need any further excuse to lay into those Strength Five, Continental Blend beans at full pelt?

However, and whatever you are going to do, do begin to think about it!