Daffodils and microclimates

Pretty boring photo really!


Except that it is a milestone. This was the first daff to emerge this year. So it is, at the very least, something of a hero.

It opened last Tuesday. There are now about a dozen, but none anywhere else in the garden are as advanced.

In my garden the first daffodil always emerges within this square metre of turf-possibly it is even more defined than that. But hey, life’s too short for such precision!

The spot is towards the bottom of a turfed hillock facing due south-so slightly raised, but sheltered from the north. A hazel and an oak trunk protect it to the east. The oak high overhead will shed some of the frost. It is a warm place to sit if there is any sun.

Like any one else, I guess I think of daffodils as tough characters, ‘fluttering and dancing in the breeze.’ I grow the native Narcissus pseudonarcissus in the dappled shade of the little wood.

But here at least they respond to the microclimate.