Its one of those tough, useful hybrid ones, which stays deliciously green all winter long. In fact this spring I was thinking of cutting the foliage down so that I could see the spring flowers. Well, that is one job less I have got to do now!


This morning I discovered that all the luscious greenery, which descended this rocky crevice in an emerald torrent has been cut off at ground level and lies loose on the surface. A herd of wildebeest could have been through. Except that they have done a very neat job and have also removed all the growth points just below the  soil surface.


At least I am left with some useful stuff on the periphery to  bulk up. I am also hopeful that somewhere in the bare space are some shoots left intact which will grow through. So the best I can do is to fling a load of compost on top and hope.

I have never known this to happen before. From the neatness I am guessing it was mice. So a herd of little wildebeest in fact. But, the joke is  they may have  been very ‘sexed up’ little wildebeest.

Some species of epimedium have been known to improve the mating performance of mice and rats.

You have to laugh!