Last week end our review was of The Diana Memorial Fountain, see :The Diana Memorial Fountain, Hyde Park 

But there is another watery memorial in Hyde Park and this is for a Queen rather than a Princess.

Now, I love an urn! Nearly as much as I love a ruin. And hard on the heels of looking at the Diana Memorial we came across:


This stopped me in my tracks. It almost had to represent nothing at all. It is framed, embowered, decorated. It is simply elegant. And yet it is:

To the memory of


Wife of George II

for whom

the Long Water

 and Serpentine

were created




The redevelopment was carried out by the Royal Gardener, Charles Bridgeman and the lake was one of the earliest to be designed to appear natural.

I cheerfully admit to having lived about 2 miles from Hyde Park for 2 years in the late  70’s and walked here regularly and yet hadn’t registered her role in the creation of this landscape as it is today!

It doesn’t surprise me. My schoolboy history told me she was a cultivated lady with rather more aesthetic pretensions than many a royal.

Also that George II on her death bed replied to her request to remarry:

‘Non, j’aurai seulement des maitresses.’

‘No, I shall only have mistresses!’

Even as a schoolboy I thought that was a bit off!