It is the mark of a good read in this house if you can’t find it for the first few weeks!

BBC Gardens Illustrated Magazine gets carried around the house. You could find it on the desk in my office, by the coffee station in the kitchen, beside the bath and in the summer months out on the table in the garden. So you have to think back to when you last had a few minutes for some essential reading and go there for it.

After a few weeks things quieten down and it is more desk bound. Then, its ultimate fate is sad, but a testament to its fundamental usefulness. It gets ripped to pieces. No not by my cats! Pages get stuffed in client files as reminders of something that is relevant to them. A few hit my daily ‘work book’, a kind of creative compendium of thoughts, and are roughly stapled in as ideas to try and plants to use. The rest gets brutally pulled apart and filed in my filing system. So if I want to know what  are Roy Lancaster’s thoughts on Clerodendrums I will find them under Plants ‘C’.

So days when it arrives have an added excitement. I even childishly rip the wrapper off it and glance quickly through it standing by the front door as I pick up the post.

It plopped on the floor yesterday and struck me as an exceptionally good issue.

In no particular order we have:

Tim Richardson on Plaz Metaxu – not open to the public , so very much a sneek peek at an interesting private creation.

Bosvigo House – very hot on Spring plant interest.

Levens Hall – fascinated that in 1927 there was an illustrated inventory of the  topiary shapes.

Plantsman Bob Brown’s selection of spring must have plants. Hoorah for Holboellia – I love that too!

Andrew Wilson on the amazing work of New Zealand based garden designer Ted Smyth – elegant, understated and cool.

A thumbnail sketch of a Malvern stand convinced me I should go this year – I was havering.

A reminder that the lovely seed head inspired prints by Angie Lewin can be found at Tinsmiths in Ledbury……

Need I go on?

So if you don’t read it already or get it posted to you, buy a copy and indulge!