Garden flowers right now are very much yellow and green colourwise.

It is a little too early for Margaritas yet, but with spring here, the classic summer drink of lemon or lime and tequila on a glacier of ice is not that far away.

Here, to get you in the mood are two of the possible ingredients, colourwise:

The discrete charms of Daphne laureola 


Helleborus foetidus in dense shade


Corylopsis spicata against a dark background 


Helleborus argutifolius/corsicus in dense shade


Our native daffodil in a sea of Allium leaves 


Primula vulgaris


The strident greenyyellow of Euphorbia John Tomlinson


 Get the tequila, triple sec and Margarita salt in. Summer is on its way!

Lesley and Robert