At Churchill Primary School in North Somerset, the kids recently accepted the challenge to grow some cress.

So far so simple.

But, as the late, great, comedienne Joyce Grenfell remarked in one of her sketches about children, ‘It’s so interesting the way they see things!’

Now I am not sure, but I think we just used flannels and blotting paper. Or was the blotting paper for the bean grown in a jar? It is a long time ago!


a whole variety of growing media and containers were tried with varying degrees of success. This candidate is obviously a good grower, but may grow up to be an optician.

Complete with boat,  shadoof and the crops resulting from the Nile’s burgeoning flood this guy is obviously a budding geographer or agronomist.

Do we have a potential stylist to the stars here?


This, for me,  is modern art. Eat your heart out Tracey Emin.

And as for you, Damien Hurst, you don’t even get a look in!

What relevance does all this have for us as garden designers?

Picasso famously remarked about the freshness of chilren’s art. Something along the lines that he could draw like Raphael by the age of 14, but it took him the rest of his life to paint like a child!

The off the wall thinking and fearlessness is what we adults should take away to relearn for ourselves, but also ensure that kids keep it as they grow up.