Ranunculus ficaria ‘Brazen Hussy’ is on the loose.

Yes. It’s the time of the year for the ‘bad girls’ of the plant world to do their stuff.


It’s a bit cold for it, but these are very much like young girls of a certain age you see out ‘on the lash’ on a Friday night in many a UK town centre – clustered in a gaggle, screamingly loud, on teetering high heels, and wearing little more than what an old maiden aunt of mine would blushingly have called a camisole.

You could call this plant the purple leaved lesser celandine, but that would be a little whimpish. Given a name like ‘Brazen Hussy’, this deserves to be used, said boldly, relished and even sniggered about!

Joking aside, this perennial may be obvious in its charms, but it is obliging in many respects. Early to flower, easy to grow, great for border fronts, dies down to nothing as other perennials take over. But it‘ll be back next year and it seeds around.

 Lots of opportunities for jokes in the paragraph above and I took not one of them.

 Happy Easter!