We showed a photo of this plant recently in our alchohol inspired piece:  Lemon and Lime – its Margarita time – well, almost!

We have however no shame in showing you the plant again, a few days later, when it is fully out, because, very occasionally you realize that you are seeing something quite special in your garden.

Of course gardens are always doing special things and are special in themselves in any case, but this is different. I mean rather that this is one of those occasions when we have a sense of a plant outperforming itself. And that is what Corylopsis spicata is doing at the moment here.

In some twenty years I have never seen this density of bloom on this plant. And it could be tempting to claim some special responsibility. But alas I have done nothing here. No pruning, no mulching and no feeding. Though after this effort I might be tempted to do so!

 Why now? I have said before in this blog, that shrubs are performing better in recent years. There must be something in the succession of weather patterns, which is driving many of us demented, which many of them are thriving on and this one especially so, this year.


Of course this hazel relative should not really like its situation at all. The books will tell you neutral to acid. Hello, you guys, this is  alkaline soil here. Be serious! Guess that just tells you a little about following books over much. 

I can hear you wondering whether this is plant stress and the poor thing is just flowering itself to death. Well let us hope not. On the whole us gardeners are optimistic folk after all.