Where are you on ‘soul’?

Does your garden have soul?

If so, how so? 


Under the aegis of ‘ThinkinGardens’ and The London College of Garden Design, Lesley and I recently organised a supper to meet and discuss matters gardnery or rather thoughtfully gardnery, or even more properly soulfully gardnery.

Making sense?

If not, let me say that ‘ThinkinGarden”s raison d’etre is to raise the artistic profile and thoughtful content of the nation’s gardens. And since discussion stimulates thought, its committee, on which we sit as ingenue members, has instituted a series of ‘supper discussions.’ Each discussion has a topic and the idea is that the group is small enough for a joint discussion with one continuous, stimulating (!!) thread of conversation.

So it was that on Monday 29th March an elite group of garden fanciers met in Bristol to discuss over supper:

‘Can soul be designed into a garden or can it only be created by the makers and the users?’

Did we share any light on the subject? What were our conclusions?

Click on: 


And you will find out!

You will see we did take minutes, but the opinions are anonymous.

Lesley was an excellent ‘Chair’.

As ‘minute man’  I could necessarily scarcely say a word, I was too busy writing.

However, I will use this blog as my voice on the subject in due course!