It is a wonderful time of year! 

Boring, boring, I know. All ‘Spring has sprung’ etc etc.  And yet………….

I saw three butterflies yesterday, including, I am told a yellow brimstone. The weather is fabulous and everything in the garden is shooting or flowering.

But is any part of it, any plant, really more special, better than another?

I was looking up a plant in Bean’s ‘Trees and Shrubs’ the other night and read that so and so was ‘ not a shrub of the first rank.’

I guess I did used to think this.  But why?

What is first rank? Is it form? That is in the eye of the beholder, surely?

Easy or difficult to grow. That is just our own achievement. 

Is it rarity? No, this is just exclusivity.

We shouldn’t say it of people. We are all valuable.

Why should we allow it of plants? They are all inter related and inter dependent.

In Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, the walrus and the carpenter were going to talk ‘of  cabbages and kings.’

Life is composed of the whole lot!