Consultations are a key part of our stock in trade.

We can be asked for planting suggestions, give advice on cultural problems, advise on tree removal in conservation areas and so on. You name it and it has been asked!

Here the client wanted to grow plants on  a terrace against  her beautiful Bath Stone wall, without resorting to wires or spoiling the stonework in any way.

The solution was a lead planter independent of the wall,  with a bespoke obelisk, the lower portion of which has vertical struts and is sunk within the planter.

This obelisk could be used for permanent climbers such as clematis or jasmine. However, in this instance the client is going for seasonal climbers. Four empty pots have been sunk in the soil within the framework which are then filled in summer with pots of Rhodochiton atrosanguineus, which twines round the supports and looks fabulous against the pale walls. Box balls on either side give permanent structure as does the obelisk itself.

Some of the best solutions are a combination of brains and here client, designer and craftesman worked together. The perfect synthesis!

So we all sat back in self congratulatory mode until one of the client’s dinner guests roared with laughter on seeing our handiwork and remarked on what he considered a similarity to:


The Cerne Abbas Giant!

I think you have to be in that frame of mind, or a have warped view of anatomy!

However, laughter at dinner parties is always good.

And the Cerne Abbas Giant is now a regular on the dinner party circuit in Bath!