Carpe Diem

‘Seize the day’ literally, but the initiative effectively. Not a very original title for today’s post. I believe Christopher Lloyd wrote something on this theme.

The phrase could indeed be used to mean ‘if there is something you want to do get on with it and give it a go’. But in actual fact today I mean completely the opposite! For me there is only one thing to do now and that is not my choice at all. 

Is it just me or are the weeds growing exponentially? After a long cold winter and a hesitant spring we are suddenly basking in higher temperatures. Shorts for gardening work are a must. Plants are putting on a real growth spurt and that includes weeds.

Includes? No, they are ahead of the game. Hairy bitter cress is the very devil!

Gardening on my own in a large garden ( I have help in the form of the grass being cut ) I have become very aware that there is a time when you have to begin to weed, weed, weed and this is it!

So today, now, Carpe Diem means its now too warm to lift and divide and move herbaceous plants any more so. Which is what I’d really like to continue to do. It means weed. 

I hear you say ‘You need to mulch more’. Well, it is really not that easy. I do mulch thickly. The little blighters seem to sneak in at the sides. I think the birds disturb the mulch and badgers too. In fact its a conspiracy!

So there you have it. Monitor things you moved earlier for dryness, ensure the grass gets mown and do all the other bits and pieces we gardeners do. But weed as though your life depends on it.

Remember the old adage of ‘the stitch in time saving nine’? Imagine your weed population times nine!

Or do you follow the ‘one year’s seeding seven year’s weeding principle’, which is almost as bad?


Carpe Diem!