No patch on your arm needed for this one!

There can be few people who relish trundling up and down the front garden of No 24 Acacia Avenue behind a noisy, grinding lawnmower.

And if there are any, anywhere, hey guys go get a life.


Ever thought of investing in animals to cut the grass for you? There’s lamas and alpacas if you have to be different. But just plain old sheep do the job just fine and dandy.

You must be thinking pets = vets. But you’d be wrong.  The owners of this pair of sassy Somerset dudes haven’t seen a vet’s bill in ten years. Try not getting a repair bill for your mower in that time!

They also haven’t had to get a troop of foul mouthed Aussie sheerers in, because these shaggy but techno creatures do it themselves. Hence they are perpetually in the act of not quite knowing whether they want their cardie on or off.

If you really have to round this pair of lawnmowers up half a bag of stale bread does it.  But we can’t think why you would want to look more closely – its not exactly Parisian couture you are eyeing up!

Otherwise it is a question of  ‘Sheep may safely and what is more important, peacefully  graze!’