Spring comes to Ashton in Bristol:





Really? I am not exactly getting it.

There is rather more colour coming off the KFC, Staples and Bristol City signs. Let’s try a different angle:


 No, that’s not really any better, and yes unfortunately the sign does say ‘Bristol in Bloom’!

Ah! I am getting it now – the full effect of the display.

But surely those are just last year’s stray tulips – or the year before’s – which have shown willing and come back again?

So Ashton doesn’t do Spring?


A few yards away  in the trading estate a cherry wows above roughly clipped Lonicera nitida. 

The whole effect was Japanese. I had it to myself on this sunny Sunday morning and it was like a holy little moment all of its own. I could have worshipped this solitary common cherry.

Imagine it on the roundabout.

 ‘Ah!’ someone will say, ‘a one hit wonder. Not much interest for the rest of the year.’

But does this REALLY do it for you:


The roundabout  we have been talking about in high summer last year.

Surely this is an abortion!

As someone said recently this is most many of the public see in the way of public gardens.

There is little here to convince them that it is all worth the effort and the expense!

Does the classic mixed border ever really work, without a lot of experience and some routine annual expense?

But someone here does not even know how to cut down herbaceous perennials! And there is a weed problem with all this bare ground. Mulch guys?

Truth to tell it is not the fault of the guys who look after it or even direct it or sponsor it. Some one high up in Bristol in Bloom or even Britain in Bloom needs to decide not to waste more cash on all these short term supposedly colourful efforts and direct cash in to real long term solutions for this space.

As to seasonal interest of long term displays, choose well and you could have four seasons of interest out of  say just five constituent elements here. This could be achieved with no annual plant expense and significantly lower labour levels.

I call this the Kentucky Fried Insanity Roundabout for obvious reasons.

I could use stronger words!