Following our post of   April 16 on  How to quit mowing! a client in ‘Jane Austen land’ aka Bath reminded me that they do things differently there.

Not for them the coarse shaggy,self shearing sheep we showed you.

Oh no!

I give you:

Bath sheep! They look as stylish and foppish as a regency beau.

Seriously fluffy and white, these chic sheep decorate the grassy slopes below Lansdown Crescent.

Unfortunately this leaves the locals with too much time on their hands:

Forget the BBC  bonnet buster in four parts, these guys are living the dream. 

These two debate the fitness for purpose of Mr Darcy and Mr Bingley 

No week end lawn mowing leads to childish games

Oh God they still can’t decide about Darcy and Bingley!

Forget the sheep, buy a lawn mower!