A little while ago we blogged re fear in the garden.

Click here for the post: Fear in the Garden 

I don’t think we covered the use of coffins.

That could have been our big mistake!

We spotted this a few days ago, and in a garden, not a churchyard:

Mind you they didn’t seem to have a clue what to do with it. It was just lurking under a yew tree. Or maybe that was what they had decided to do with it.

You do imagine the worst don’t you? It is the space for the head that is the finisher. If it wasn’t for that it could be a planter!

I half expected to hear the voice of Jeff Bridges beside me – you know the film where he buries  Sandra Bullock alive? 

We didn’t see a lid, but i’ts still pretty scary.

We think this needs careful , perhaps secretive placement and background planting.

They should find the lid and place it casually to one side. 

A sound system would be activated on your approach and lighting would be essential.

You’d visit it at night obviously. Possibly with guests you had not  alerted to its presence!