It is proving a special Spring.

Spectacularly beautiful blooms among bulbs, early perennials and especially the Spring flowering shrubs.

These have been amazing.


The weather has also been extrordinary. And the one has an effect on the other.

From having a delayed cold arrival we have gone to it being a fast hot house spring.

Three flowering cherries that have for a few days been the landmark  on my journey out of Bristol are already over. I was always too busy to stop and take photos. And the moment has passed.

Blink, it seems and you’ve missed something!

As I shut the gate this afternoon’ I looked up and the beech tree had lost some of its early airiness, when there is little leaf and you feel you can see each one.

It is at this point that you want to hold up your hand and say ‘ SLOW DOWN Spring!’

But if you had that power…..

So the main thing is to get out there and look and sniff,  and record too if that is your way. And  so we offer you:



Clematis armandii. And this is one to sniff too. A smell that is definitely a perfume not a scent! Exotic  rather than workaday!

But it needs so much more space than it has here. Whoever planted this had no idea of its likely potential.

When I was a child my grandfather grew Clematis armandii against the wall of his house and it climbed two storeys to the eaves, With great coiling loops of stem like the piece you see to the left.

This small one storey space gives no real scope for a climber which can be tricky to start with, but requires and deserves room to put itself around.

Incidentally I note that Hilliers recommends a warm sunny wall.

This specimen, yes you guessed it, is growing on a north facing wall and in an east west wind tunnel!