How about this for a smart idea?

This product was shown on the Food and Home Page of last Saturday’s  magazine section of the Telegraph newspaper.

 Along with this cute image which we couldn’t resist!

The gist of the item was that it was a way of ‘making your garden instantly transportable.’

How fabulous an idea is that!

Looking at this photo, I wasn’t convinced that the transporting would be very easy:

 Would not the soil and the water in it make this very heavy? How easy would it be to manoeuvre, especially if it is flexible? I don’t know.

It is made by SCP, of porous UV-resistant and breathable material, and it comes in several sizes. Guess the smaller sizes would be easier to handle.

I tried to find out more on the net, but if I can’t find anything substantial after a few clicks I am afraid I move on!

I am still not sure why you wouldn’t use the same melange of garden centre pots, fertilizer sacks etc and stuff your garden in your boot or the corner of the removal van like everyone else.

The piece also noted that it would be useful on roof terraces and balconies.

Now I can see it as a very instant light weight raised bed.

However, you’d need some heavy duty trailers at the front to hide the utilitarian look unless that is your style!

And again you’d need to cost it out against lightweight pots and planters you can buy.

Might merit some research – maybe you’ll see it in the merchandising area at Chelsea.

Neat photo guys!