Hey ho, its luscious Luzula ‘Hohe Tatra’!

This is one of those no nonsense, but exciting plants which I would not want to be without.

The true glory of this plant is its rich, year long, ‘evergreen’ colour.

Young leaves are intense lime green to start, ageing to yellow.


Given shade, the impression is lime rather than yellow. In bright light it is the reverse. This is the yellow form of the woodrush so it is no surprise that it looks happiest in shade and in bright light can look a little frizzled!:


 But that is after all true of many yellow variegated plants. And in any case, seen here after a really tough winter I love the rather hectic, textured appearance which it has in these circumstances.

 The colour is certainly brilliant enough to be a real shot in the arm in the shade and also in bright, sub tropical schemes. Great in association with Bergenias. 

There is also an efficiency payback in that it makes good dense, weed suppressing ground cover. It is faster at achieving this in the shade, where it is happiest.

 In early April appear chestnut buds:

 followed by fluffy primrose flowers:

which when it is grown in stronger light come earlier.

Why would you not grow it?