‘There she blows’ –  to use a nautical expression.

Maybe blow is not the right word -more like eruption or explosion.

For some days I have been pulling this stuff out where I saw it.

And then today I got an eyeful!

Don’t know this weed?

 Lucky you!

 It doesn’t look that evil  does it?

Not even its flowering stem tells you its got it in for you.

Keep on top of it and you won’t suffer, but let it  get going, set seed and it comes up like,  you guessed it, mustard and cress!

The good new is that it pulls out really easily.

The bad news is that it is possessed of ‘the force’. And it has just started to reveal its hidden powers today. As the seed capsules age they literally explode and its lifecycle is complete. It has satisfied the dream of all cresses to go forth and multiply – EVERYWHERE. 

 At first it will just be the earliest capsules from the earliest flowers low down on the stem. Later its the whole thing. So it is therefore worth pulling out when it has already started to do its stuff.

But best of all pull it out when it begins to flower, which they seem to be able to do even in the winter.

Better still, never have it at all!

When I was at horticultural college many moons ago, we visited a very famous nursery. Behind the scenes, the place was swamped with this stuff. When they were preparing the plants for sale in their garden centre, they ripped it out the pots and top dressed with fresh compost. They must have been prime distributors of the stuff. I’ve never bought plants from them since. 

Be warned. A seed in the eye is quite painfull!