Got £100k to spare?



I saw this is in a sale catalogue the other day and was struck by its beauty.

Its ‘Cleopatra’ by Battaglia, the late 19thc italian sculptor:



I appreciate the grace of the stance, half lolling against the sphinx, and the the moulding of the body revealed through the cloth.

But ‘Cleopatra’? Its lovely, but does it say anything?

I mean, what is she thinking?

‘Where the devils that asp?’ 

or ‘Where’s the fool that puts my right arm in my right sleeve?’

Or ‘Its a bit of a bummer that I had that thing for Mark Antony.”

 Well, at least it makes a change from this:

Which amazingly people do still sell with a straight face, as though its not kitsch!

But how about some irony:

It could be a metaphor for ‘broken Britain’!

Or some shock value:

The value here is in recycling a dead tree and painting it bluer than the sky, so it becomes unreal.

Or some humour:

Native mothers and kids caught on the move:

at the Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden.

We need the Ivan Hicks attitude to garden sculpture.

Shock us and we’ll be awed.

So I decided against buying Cleopatra!