I always feel slightly odd buying the Telegraph newspaper.

Its not really my style. But I do so at weekends for the gardening.

Some weeks are better than others. And this week end they came up trumps.

 There was an article in saturday’s magazine section on Fernando Caruncho written by Stephen Lacey.

Now I have admired Caruncho from afar since I was a student.

I have never seen one of his gardens. But I have drunk in the glimpses of olive trees, cypresses and wheat, his geometry and almost Japanese spareness. In Monty Don’s ‘eighty worldwide iconic gardens’ series of a few years ago we got an intriguing glimpse of the man’s own garden and of him too.

His garden was stunning. I am so sad that I even froze the tv screen and took some photos of that, which I cannot now find! 

And he himself came across as a truly decent and regular guy.

So, click on Fernando Caruncho’s simple gardens – Telegraph for Stephen Lacey’s excellent piece.

Key for me within it are:

  • ‘My obsession is to simplify.’  We are forever, and I am sure boringly, banging on about that.
  • ‘I am a gardener. That is the name that has been handed down from the past. Even Capability Brown called himself a gardener.’ Such humility!
  • ‘His starting point,even when designing a small urban garden, he says, is the sky and how vertical features might lift you up to it as if on “‘a magic carpet ride”.’
  • A sense of the underlying geometry in his designs.
  • And ‘plants that connect the garden to the landscape and the culture.’


Interestingly he is designing in the Uk for the first time and in the Cotswolds. A private garden. So closer to home.

Also google the web for his website: www.fernandocaruncho.com