The other day we posted regarding  cow parsley and a no fuss version which we called ‘Refined Cow Parsley’ – Myrrhis odorata

Well there is another remarkably well behaved perennial cow parsley which is even neater: Chaerophyllum hirsutum ‘Roseum.’

Imagine all that elegant airiness and soft green ferny foliage, about 35-40cm high for us, flowering now. And wonder of wonders its pink:

Isn’t life truly extraordinary!

My hero, Graham Stuart Thomas is beside himself on the subject:

‘Few herbaceous plants can hold a candle to it in early May.’ Well that is quite a sweeping statement! ‘It will often produce a good second crop of flowers in late summer and is easily grown in sun or part shade.’

Personally I find it best in the part shade, not too hot scenario.

Worth checking out Kari’s Garden on the subject of cow parsleys on which she is a mine of information. Click here for the link to her piece: