We all see things differently, don’t we?

Quite literally we do.

But we also appreciate them differently.

Messrs. Hilliers in their inestimable ‘Manual of Trees and Shrubs’ describe  the flowers of the south american Azaras as mustard yellow.

I disagree. I think there is the gold of the fabled El Dorado in ‘them there’ plants! 

This is hardy in my south west uk, riverside garden and it is flowering now.

It is doing this after the worst two winters in twenty years, whereas I seem to have lost Acacia melanoxylon.

It is evergreen and so you have this glossy rich apple green foliage all winter long.

It makes a small tree until my neighbour, whom I value, decides that it interferes with her sunbathing. And then it gets ruthlessly controlled. And doesn’t sulk as a result. And my neighbour purrs when she gets her share of the sun!

The unusual vanilla fragrance is a huge plus – it reminds me of the amalgam of all the flower scents that you might smell when entering one of the famed RHS shows at Vincent Square.

Not a colour for the feint hearted, this plant is packed with all the chutzpah of latin america.



Pure gold.