The grass is reputedly greener the other side of the fence.

Sometimes the flower is better too!

Cherries have been stunning this year.

I even found myself loving those artificial pom pom ones like this:

But I like simple and elegant.  And also I like white.

And after all the frou frou pinkery of the superbred forms comes Prunus padus, The Bird Cherry.  It is very much a favourite. 

I won’t show you mine though because this is my neighbour’s:

Close up its even worse or do I mean better?


I mean, I am clearly not jealous. Right?

Us gardeners should not be green as the grass with envy.

Its time to put all that stuff about ‘the borrowed landscape’ to the test. I must start thinking that because I can see this from my garden, it IS part of my garden!

I think this may be the selection ‘Watereri’ because of the conspicuous size of its racemes.

Correct me if I am wrong anyone!