Silly question maybe. But some of us do virtually no lawn weedkilling at all.

Apart that is from hoiking out the odd inevitable dandelion.

We live with what is there, in all its floral variety and finery.

I can claim no part in this one.

We all have landmarks on our journeys and currently this is one of mine.

It is on the well travelled route between my office in Bristol and Lesley’s out in Churchill.

Bella  Bella perennis, the commonest of common daisies has decided to do her wonderful stuff on a grassy knoll just outside The Pavillions on the main road between Bristol and the Airport.

And at the moment she always draws my eye. I suppose we should also thank who allowed it. Maybe even if they weren’t watching their budgets they would still do it too. Who knows?

The bank successfully screens the car park from the road and I notice is a good place for those waiting for the bus to perch in any dry spells.

Obviously this look depends on a sympathetic weed population.

I have seen clover, speedwell or violets and even moss as a real attraction in the same way.

Sometimes a change in the height of your cut, although marginal, will allow for this more relaxed effect.

And why not?

Chill out and go with the flow!