We all know people who like to arrive fashionably late to the party. There are also some trees that are slow to come into leaf.

Ash is a common place. Oak trees seem slow this year to me.

But the Varnish Tree is routinely dilatory:


Sassafras albidum perversely decides to try flowering and leafing simultaneously:

As does the Mulberry:

Cercis siliquastrum you fancy would prefer to flower first and leaf after:

Catalpa bignonioides is only just beginning to show a haze of green:

As for Gymncladus dioicum:

Get going mate or the party will be over!

All these photos were taken yesterday.

There are plusses to this. You learn to relax.

And you can grow more beneath these trees – bulbs especially because they get going and do their stuff before these guys get going. Well that wouldn’t be difficult based on the evidence above!

Its a black cloud that doesn’t have a silver lining.

Lesley And Robert