‘There is no rose in the garden, but there be sum thorne’ wrote monk and poet John Lydgate in 1430.


But in fairness neither he nor England knew of The Yellow Bansian Rose, which would arrive from China via Calcutta in about another 400 years.

So we will let him off!

For us it is the earliest rambling rose to flower.

Sprays of soft primrose, double rosette flowers hang in early May.  It has a light and refreshing  fragrance, is free flowering and THORNLESS:

Great therefore to have tumbling around above a seat.

Where in fact it was photographed today.

In their invaluable Handbook of Roses, Austins succinctly call it ‘a real treasure.’

A great semi evergreen rose for a warm sunny wall.

We commend it to you!

Lesley and Robert