Watching the tv coverage of Chelsea Flower Show  last night, I saw an intriguing constructional detail on one of the show gardens which I could not have seen from the publicity drawings ahead of the show,  and which made all the difference.

I fell to thinking about this in terms of plants.

Your garden should not all be obvious. Everything seen at once and all its little secrets revealed.

Likewise it is good to have plants which you can explore for their  subtleties.

It would be tempting to go for full throated passion:

And as you see we have here!

But we also appreciate the more subtle.

Part the glossy spear shaped leaves of Arisarum proboscideum:


And you find:

You have to look to see why it is called the Mouse Plant. This woodland perennial from Italy and Spain never fails to fascinate kids!

We all know Pittosporum tennuifolium, beloved of gardeners and florists alike for its neat smart evergreen foliage.

But around now its subtle, largely unsung and largely unseen, honey sweet  flowers line the undersides of its branches:

They are the chocolate side of crimson, but backlit by the sun they are bright red!

We all know bluebells, but this is the bracteate bluebell:

The nodding head of this variant of our native bluebell has flowers is crowded with many long narrow finger like ‘leaves.’ Curious!

So all we are saying is leave room for some subtlety and for some examination and interaction with your plants.

Lesley and Robert