Leaving seed heads on plants until the seed falls can be a risky business.

You could get a forest. You could get nothing.

Will they come true or just be pale imitations of their parents’ selves?

Most of the time it works fine I guess.

AND just occasionally you REALLY win through!

I didn’t have white siberian irises before.

Just blue. 

I do now:

But the great success of this summer is:

I noticed these seedlings a few years ago in a border which contains 3 distinct and known Siberian irises. I left them and subdivided them.

The foliage was distinctively grey blue. I had high hopes it was Iris delavayi, an iris in the siberian group. Now I am not so sure:

It is definitely not any of my existing forms. Shorter and darker with larger falls and a distinct ‘ smouldering look’ about it.

Blues are difficult to photograph and it is actually darker than it looks here. 

Were there time I would sit down with the RHS book and work it out.

But hey, life’s too short. I am just going to call it Iris ‘Sexy Smoulder’ and leave it at that.

I will subdivide this winter.

We need MORE, MORE, MORE of this!