Occasionally we see something on our travels that stops us in our tracks.

Here it is a victorian/edwardian stable, certainly not used for 80-90 years.

Perfectly fitted out with sea green tiles:

With  integral bran bowl and manger:

Tiled floor contoured to take ‘run off” and scuff marks which are last traces of the former occupant: 

Although horses were used to haul as well as cut grass in old gardens:

less exalted stabling for working horses was available across the yard.

We therefore figure that this stall, attached directly to the stableman’s house, was for a special horse. A little plaque tells you that is for a horse (!) and the fitment comes from London.

Probably a niminy piminy, prancing mare with ribboned mane to take milady on social calls.

Somehow the flash makes these snaps the more poignant.

Like those taken deep down on the remains of the Titanic.

It is all that long ago!